SAW Success Night 1st April 2015

AWC poster Town Hall

‘Ayr Writer’s Club is a positive competition factory’.
These are the words of a SAW official when congratulating our club on its members’ successes.
April Fool’s Day may have fallen on Ayr Writers’ SAW Success Night, but the stunning revelations over the next two hours revealed that there are certainly no fools among Ayr Writers.
Even before Rhona crashed the gavel down to signal the beginning of the evening, the BUZZ in the room left everyone in no doubt that once again the club had excelled at SAW.
Club members secured over twenty awards. In some categories, achieving a sensational, first, second and third clean sweep.
Like a good book, the Success Night hooked all those attending from the first moment; enthralled, we listened as fellow writers gave polished performances of their winning works.
We were gripped by Pat’s excerpt from her winning novel, Till the Dust Settles. Enthralled by Dorothy’s factual novel, The Way Of It, and poem Heart Freeze. Entertained by Maggie’s, Sky Cat. Whisked away on a fantasy walk with Ann’s, The Sweetness of Wild Fruit. Challenged to read more by Pearl’s winning book review, The Examined Life. Humbled by Catherine’s autobiographical, Coping Single Handed. Reminded by Nigel’s book review, The Return of the King that history can and does repeat itself. James’s story, A Seat of Learning, was both poignant and uplifting. Janice’s Sticks and Stones story laid out how words litter the lives we lead. Also worthy winners at SAW were Helena for her drama piece Ashes to Ashes, Lust to Lust and Babs for Where the Ocean Meets the Sky.
The two hour time slot allotted to our club night could not contain the full catalogue of our fellow writers’ successes; more than a dozen items will have to wait for another night to be showcased.
I know I can speak for all when I wish the winners heartfelt congratulations, and continued success as many carry their work forward to higher rewards. I would also like to applaud all Ayr Writers who entered SAW and, although they did not find success this year they have no doubt gained valuable experience from the 2015 event.
I offer sincere thanks to Rhona and the team for their hard work in making our Success Night a truly memorable evening.
Kathy Wallace

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