Scottish Article Competition – Em Strang’s notes

Nature Writing – up to 1500 words

How can the writer articulate the relationship between ‘nature’ and the human body, where the body is not separate witness, but integral part of ‘nature’?

What might this mean?

How on earth might a writer approach this?

Some questions that might help bring into focus thoughts and feelings in relation to this:

  • What even IS nature?
  • What happens when, as a writer, I focus on one specific thing in ‘nature’? For example, where does my writing go if I choose to write a 1500 word article on ‘This Beech Tree’? Where are we led as writers (and readers)?
  • What do my feelings towards ‘nature’ tell me about ‘nature’?
  • What is the difference between an ecological report and an essay about / towards nature? What do each of these different approaches tell us about ‘nature’?

This is an enormous topic. For more in-depth reading try Val Plumwood, Terry Gifford, Freya Mathews, Tim Morton, Kate Rigby … the list is endless. Or try some non-fiction by Robert Macfarlane, Kathleen Jamie (Findings and Sightlines are both great), Helen MacDonald, Anne Dillard, Nan Shepherd.

This is worth watching:

Encountering Another Being

What happens when you look deep into the eyes of an animal – a fellow creature, sharing our planet?What do you think of this clip? We're opening up for collaboration our new major documentary about the unique vision of the radical ecologist and economist, David Fleming. We're putting online a dozen short tasters like this as we film them, for your feedback with ideas, events and people we could include. The place for extended versions, or to find out more, keep in touch and share ideas for us to follow up on is:

Geplaatst door Empathy Media op donderdag 5 oktober 2017

Films I love on this topic:

  • Beast of the Southern Wilds
  • Ten Canoes
  • Artanjuat, The Fast Runner
  • Two Years at Sea

Or if none of this takes your fancy, feel free to write something in response to the Embodied Poetry discussion on 18 October.

Good luck and happy writing

Em Strang

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