Summer Meeting 17th July, 2013


•    1 dram of drama, with ‘legal’ spices
•    2 slices of social history, marinated for hundreds of years
•    1 dash of crime novel, with a salty taste
•    1 splash of flash fiction, with a twist in the tale
•    3 portions of short story, flavoured with poignancy, humour and nostalgia
•    1 shot of terror with the treat of the guillotine
•    1 sprig of children’s verse, sprinkled with rhyme and rhythm
•    3 dollops of poetry, fearful and funny

    Bring all ingredients together in a comfortable, well ventilated room.
    Allow each ingredient time to breathe and infuse with appreciation and advice.
    Add generous amounts of fluid when temperature rises.
    Pause for short break to allow ingredients to settle.
    Continue mixing and lace with laughter for almost 3 hours.
    Finally, add ONE cherry!

 The effects of this cocktail may take some time to wear off.

Thanks to Pat Young for her perfect hosting and all ‘ingredient’ contributors!
Carolyn O’Hara
18th July 2013

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