Summer Meeting 19th June, 2013

Ayr Writers Club Summer Tour
Summer just wouldn’t be summer without a visit to the ice cream parlour, where the range of flavours has everyone wide-eyed and salivating.
So, last week, Ayr Writers had their own taste test of summer delights.  Ann Burnett welcomed 12 club members to her house where we enjoyed sharing a whole range of writing pieces, generating plenty of discussion and laughter. 
From delicious, darkly disturbing short stories to vanilla chick lit; from minty fresh sci-fi to evocative, home-made memoirs and tutti-frutti poetry, we savoured them all.  Some of us sank our teeth into a tasty book review; others enjoyed an Oriental-flavoured excerpt and a short story with hints of passion fruit. And we still had space to sample plenty of scrumptious writing for children.
Thank you to all contributors and especially to Ann for your hospitality on a wonderful summer evening.
(Note to self: You shouldn’t write a blog when you are feeling hungry.)
Rhona Anderson

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