Summer Meeting – 31st July, 2013

     There is a definite gastronomic theme to the previous blog reports, so I thought I’d better keep up the tradition.
       Yesterday evening’s bill of fare contained a variety of dishes to suit every mood and palate. First on the table – that would be the ‘table de temps’ by the way (click, clickety, click), was a poetic appetizer in the form of a ‘triolet’, a poetic form  unknown to me, but definitely one to have a go at. We then had a darkly mixed dish with a hint of bitterness that at last faded away entirely. From the children’s menu we had a dollop of evil Aunt Aurora. We had international fare with the intense flavour of social injustice from Devil’s Island and an ‘amuse bouche’ from Mongolia to whet our appetite for a delicacy to come in a few months time. We had a small but subtly flavoured poem, a nostalgic taste of Govan Fare (sorry FAIR!) and to finish, a distinctly Scottish tang with Wayne the wolf and those pesky, wee pigs.
     It might have been raining outside but the warmth of Uuganaa’s hospitality, the excellent contributions and great company brightened up a soggy evening.
     The next read-around – the last before the new session of Ayr Writers’ Club, will be on 21st August. The venue is still to be decided.
                                                                                  Maggie Bolton

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