Summer Meeting #4

Another successful Summer meeting was held last night, hosted by Catherine.

We heard poems from Catherine, Joan and Wilma, all having the common theme of life experience, each giving us food for thought. Dorothy gave us an insight into a writing exercise which encouraged writing out of the comfort zone. Maggie contributed a Children’s story, delivered as only she can, which left us yearning for the next instalment. Ann shared the merits and slight frustrations of her Kindle World. Sheila gave us fiction, as opposed to her usual fact. The subject of her short story came to her in a dream, after she had changed rooms to escape jungle noises. May her dreams continue.

However, the words that stayed with us at the end of the evening were drawn from one of Dorrith’s snapshots of her childhood.

“A certain gentleman in need of the toilet opened the door to discover a lady already in residence. He immediately stood to attention, clicked his heels and saluted; whereupon the lady stood, her pants at half mast, and returned the favour.”

And there’s more…..; don’t miss the next meeting.

Fiona McFadzean

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