The Woo in the Wild Woods – A Children’s Picture Book by Greta Yorke, Illustrated by Maggie Bolton

The beguilingly titled, The Woo in the Wild Woods, is the second of four picture books for 3-8 year old children published by successful Ayr Writers’ Club collaborators, author Greta Yorke and children’s illustrator Maggie Bolton.

It tells a magical story of a young trainee wizard called Jamie. He’s passed all his tests in Wizard School, had great success with casting spells, but there’s a problem – he needs a wizard’s familiar (perhaps a cat?) to be a fully fledged Junior Wizard. And Jamie’s allergic to furry animals.

What is he to do? Perhaps the Woo in the Wild Woods can help him. Jamie sets off to find out, meeting many different animals along the way. Will they all make him sneeze and itch?



One of the biggest challenges of learning to read is the ability to hold the child’s attention. The Woo in the Wild Woods does exactly that, maintaining suspense until the very end, backed up by delightful illustrations. A charming story. – Mairi McLellan, author of ‘What Do the Grown-Ups Do?’


The Woo in the Wild Woods is a lovely story, simply told, in a way that children will enjoy. There’s a lot of repetition which younger ones will quickly catch on to, giving them the opportunity to participate in the telling of the story. Maggie Bolton’s illustrations are a perfect match and just like in any wood, the closer you look, the more you see! The owlet wasn’t the only one smiling at the end of the story as the mystery of the Woo was finally revealed. – Elizabeth McKay, author of the ‘Wee Granny’ series.


“What a lovely story. A different take on the wizard theme and I love the allergy twist. Beautifully illustrated and should hold any child’s attention.” – Alesca


Available at a variety of local outlets and online, Greta and Maggie are happy to make copies of The Woo in the Wild Woods available for fellow club members, any week (£6).

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