Wild Goose – A Novel by Damaris West

Published 4-book novelist, short story writer, poet, and Ayr Writers’ Club Member, Damaris West’s very first novel, Wild Goose (Crimson Cloak Publishing), has recently undergone a little bit of a regeneration for 2019 – a brand new, muted-colours, poignant book cover.

The lone goose, flying solo at dawn, captures, and reflects, the themes of personal empowerment that are tightly held within this thoughtful and powerful novel.



Brought up in a rural idyll, Jemima knows what she wants to do with her life. Leastways, she knows she doesn’t want to follow the path that her father, who played only a small part in her upbringing, is trying to force her down. But she will have to go to extraordinary lengths, including coming close to death, in order to keep her dream alive.”


Wild Goose, written over many years, drew its inspiration from Damaris’ autobiography. It reflects her personal struggle to identify, and follow, her own talents and leanings.


“This is a delightful, although frequently uncompromising, view of a rural childhood and parental domination.”


Damaris’ second novel, Skolthan, a paranormal thriller, twists good and evil magic, other-world portals. It was authored in time wrested from the demands of running a tuition agency with her late husband, Clive.

Queen Anne’s Lace, Damaris’ third novel, depicts the complex interrelationships of a mildly dysfunctional family, the McKays, who face some fundamental life issues following the death of the husband / father. Their values and desires are brought into sharp relief in this complex, engrossing story of interweaving lives.

Damaris’ latest novel, her fourth, The Wolves of Little Mouse Valley, is a wonderful fantasy suspense novel, set in Central Italy, focusing on Italian rural life and featuring wolf boys whose abuse is avenged by a pack of mysterious wolves. It is currently deep within the publication process.


For copies of Wild Goose, please see Damaris on any club night, or order direct from Amazon at www.amazon.co.uk




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