Workshop on Children’s TV Scripting with Ann Burnett

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It may have been dreich outside but the atmosphere within The Carlton was anything but. Attendance was depleted due to weather conditions but those present were enriched by ‘Oor Ann’s’ children’s scriptwriting workshop.
A trip down memory lane recalled favourite children’s programmes, from Andy Pandy and Muffin the Mule to Blue’s Clues then Ann told how Dorrit Sim introduced her to writing for children which led her to write a script about a kangaroo who couldn’t hop for Ulster Radio’s Nickety Nackety. This earned £12 and Ann was on her way!
Technology was kind and allowed, with Nigel’s amazing assistance, the viewing of an episode of ‘Hurley Burley’, Ann’s first venture into television scriptwriting. Although the animation was ‘dated’, not so the content.
Script writing groups then ‘blindly’ selected one from each of the following:-
1 Age range – under 5, 5-7 or 7-9
2 Presenter type
3 Topic
Just as headway was being made a 4th element was introduced, The Producer’s interference! Budgets were cut, characters were boring or ideas were boring so changes had to be made – all a taste of the ‘real world’!
‘Speedy Snail’, ‘Nanny McPhee’, the ‘Tooth Fairy’ and the ‘Lonely Donkey’ were all presented as was a drug pushing lollipop man! Some scripts even included songs and a grown man singing the ‘Donkey’ rendition with the ‘Eeyore, Eeyore’ chorus will remain unforgettable!
Thanks, Ann, for another great night.
Greta Yorke


  1. Another great night at AWC. Great fun and very funny – ably captured in the blog.

  2. Sounds a brilliant night, really sorry I missed it!

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