Writing Articles – 18th September, 2013

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My First Night at Ayr Writers Club

Documenting my thoughts and writing down accounts of some of my life’s experiences have long been on my mind to do, but I never took the plunge to actually put pen to paper. I thought that joining a writing club might be the way forward and did a bit of surfing around the net to see if anything was available in Ayr. I was so pleased to find that indeed a very well established group met regularly in Ayr and seemed to cater for a variety of people with a range of writing appetites.
Then the crunch came!

Will I, won’t I, will I, won’t I – that was the big dilemma as Wednesday night loomed closer and closer. Feeling very apprehensive and pretty nervous at the thought of meeting new people, particularly in a situation where potentially a large group where congregated, was a daunting experience for me and was the underlying niggle that stopped me from taking the initiative a long time ago. I never used to have these feelings, I was always the opposite in fact, and would invariably throw myself into anything without any thought (which isn’t necessarily the best!). However this change in confidence is the result of a life changing experience encountered about five years ago; which is a story in itself and one that I would like to consider writing in the near future.

Hooray! I finally took that leap into the unknown. There is no doubt in my mind that I made the right decision and have taken my first step to a new and exciting journey into the world of writing.

From the minute I stepped into the meeting room at the Carlton Hotel I felt a connection with the vibes whizzing around the room. Everyone was chatting, laughing and deliberating over their various pieces of work. There was clearly a strong connection with fellow writers all comparing notes and asking each other for precious advice and support. I couldn’t wait for the evening’s workshop to get started.

I certainly wasn’t disappointed; Nigel and Jennifer’s workshop on Writing Articles was full of practical advice and tips. I found Jennifer’s story about the guys who were responsible for monitoring nuclear fallout from a special building in Prestwick fascinating. I had absolutely no idea that something like that had existed and was filled with great admiration for the people that had obviously been so passionate about their roles within the organisation. Clearly devoted to the cause and quite unselfishly dedicated much of their time as volunteers to ensure the safety of their fellow citizens.

Nigel’s guidance on research was invaluable, and his sharing of the immense piece of work that he did on an old English coaching inn must have been a fascinating challenge and adventure for him.

All in all I found my first taste of Ayr Writers Club inspirational and leaving me feeling truly motivated and keen to explore the world of writing in much more depth.

Can’t wait for the next meeting – Thank You
Sandy Graham


  1. Dorothy Gallagher

    What an interesting blog, Sandy. I’m so glad you did come along and enjoyed it so much. See you on Wednesday, Dotothy

  2. Great first blog and glad to hear you enjoyed your first meet. Looking forward to your next blog

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