Writing Prompt – Horse Racing

Epsom Derby is taking place today. Earlier, the news was dominated by the barring of jockey Kieren Fallon from competing.  Dick Francis and John Francome have probably already used a similar plot line in their books. So, could you use the backdrop of horse racing for a piece of writing, either fiction or non-fiction?

Royal Ascot takes place in a couple of weeks (14th to 18th June).

Is your first thought of hats and outfits? At one point, the dress code for the Royal Enclosure specified ‘dresses with a strap of less than one inch and, or miniskirts are considered unsuitable.’ Men in morning suits
are very smart, if old-fashioned.

Apparently, over the five days of Ascot, 170,000 bottles of champagne will be consumed. What about the waiters and waitresses who serve the champagne and food. What does the race meeting mean to them?

Or are your thoughts more on the racing? The jockeys, horses, grooms, betting – Dick Francis and John Francome bring this world to life in their books, could you?

Or what about the racecourse itself? The first race meeting was held at Ascot in 1711 so it will be celebrating its 300th anniversary this year.

Check out Ascot at http://www.ascot.co.uk/

Or Ayr Racecourse at  http://www.ayr-racecourse.co.uk/the-races

Look into the history of some smaller racecourses and see if there are any anniversaries coming up.

Why not visit a local racecourse (purely for research purposes, of course!) and soak in the atmosphere?

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