Zoom in for the opener – 16 September 2020

Welcome to the 2020/21 Ayr Writers’ Club season!

Opening night went without a hitch on the first of our LIVE Zoom sessions. This year’s President, Jeanette, warmly welcomed us and introduced readings from an array of 2019/20 successful writing pieces throughout the evening. Committee members were also on hand to guide us through the changes in how we are going to proceed and all the need-to-know for the year ahead.

Readings of published articles, stories, poems, and prize-winning pieces filled the night with Ayr Writers’ Club successes and all those faces in tiny squares made full use of the *clapping hands* reaction button, and rightly deserved they were.

With all those tiny squares, and big smiling faces, up on the screen it was almost like being together at the Mercure. Almost. Everyone making the best of the unusual circumstances to get this year’s season off to a joyous start.

An open call for a Vice President(s) … Anyone? … Hello? …

*tumbleweed rolls across the screen*

And a final ‘thank you’ from our President wrapped up the evening, almost 10pm – we wouldn’t have got away with that at the Mercure!

Next Wednesday, 23 September, join us for our first Club Night ‘Exercise Your Pen’. Disclaimer: ‘Club Night’ in this context meaning ‘night run by the club’, and not an event with loud music, dancing and drinking. Although, on Zoom…. we can’t stop you from cutting some shapes at home.


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