Tartan Witch – A Children’s Picture Book by Greta Yorke, Illustrated by Maggie Bolton

Tartan Witch is the third wonderful witch-and-wizard-themed publication for Ayr Writers’ Club author Greta Yorke and illustrator Maggie Bolton.

This funny story sparkles as a group of witches find that they are dreading their friend Tartan Witch’s imminent visit – because they don’t understand very much of what she says!

Follow this joyful story as Tartan Witch regales the other witches with all her latest news.

Told in Scots and English this is a superb story for the 3-8 year old. It promotes the Scots language in the gentlest of ways.



“Bought this for my granddaughter to keep Scots language alive. Her English cousins (much older) absolutely love trying out the Scots words! Bought another one for myself, to use in primary school too. So many ways to use it there!” – Annie R.


“Looking for a book to entrance a child then look no further. Full of fun excitement and humour with lovely illustrations this is what you are looking for.” – Sheils


“Such a good story for children of all ages – older ones can read it for themselves – and will make adults smile too. Loved the twist at the end.” – Allesca


Available at a variety of local outlets and online, Greta and Maggie are happy to make copies of Tartan Witch available for fellow club members, any week (£6).

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